God bless the rage in us.
It’s how we know each other.

Terrance Hayes (via michaelleepoetry)


I particularly appreciate that whoever directed this episode felt we needed close-ups of everybody in that picture.

So gay marriage has been legal in England for almost an hour.


In that time the fires of hell have burned through ground. My house collapsed. All babies have become homosexuals with no concept of morality. God has disowned us. Strange lizard men have started taking over parliament. The undead have woken and are on a mission of destruction. My eyeballs have burst. And ducks are speaking latin. 




Life goal. Husband wife goals.

This is gonna be us

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I want to talk to you but my face

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a person’s a person no matter how small
Dr. Seuss, a pro-choice advocate who publicly donated to Planned Parenthood and actively sued pro-life organizations for using this as a slogan. Stop using this to justify your bullshit pro-life ideals. Not even the original author of the phrase agrees with you.  (via celestialfucker)